Dopplr: Discovering ‘the Net’

Dopplr Badge Recently I joined Dopplr, a new travel-oriented social networking site. Or social networking for frequent travelers. Or something like that. To be honest, I’m still not really sure what it’s for.

I’ll admit, I joined it because it has a straightforward, clean design, and the tone is light, fun, and polite in a very British way. It doesn’t seem like the kind of social networking site that’s going to pressure (or trick) me into inviting everyone I’ve ever sent an email or instant message. It doesn’t seem like the type that’s going to give me the hard sell, or pimp out my personal info.

Ok, no major barriers to entry. So I tried it. But, as I said, I’m still not quite sure I get the point. I connected to some people I know. I added information about some trips I’m going to take. I discovered that a Europe-based conference buddy will be going to SXSW, where our paths will cross again. Kinda cool, I guess. And…now what?

I’ve read some posts (including this one by creator, Matt Biddulph) which say it’s designed to increase serendipity. Well, I guess I can invest some time in pursuing a goal like that.

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